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What is A Professional Cleaning Company?

Denver Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you are looking for a company to clean your building, you should ask yourself if it is important how the company conducts its business. Even though cleaning a building is not rocket science, it is still a business, and any business should be run in a way that maximizes performance and reduces costs for their clients.

There is more to bidding the cleaning of a building than to walk around, guess how long it will take to clean, and throwing out a price. A professional cleaning company should assure that they know, in detail, what they are cleaning, what cleaning specifications are desired by the client, and be able to lay out a detailed plan for the proposed services in a way that is easily understood by the client.

Industry statistics show that for every dollar that is spent with a cleaning contractor, approximately 60% goes to direct payroll wages and payroll taxes for the cleaning personnel. The second highest item is usually the cleaning supplies and equipment which together will total 6-10%. With profit before tax averaging in the 2-4% range nationally, it is easy to see that if you have a wide variety in the pricing of your bids, then the difference is in how much cleaning time is accounted for in the bids.

Does your company have updated floor plan drawings for your space? This is important because to make an accurate bid, the space must be measured. If you have drawings, the time spent on walkthroughs can be reduced because the prospective contractor(s) will not have to measure the building. A professional cleaning contractor should be able to measure the building from the drawings. The walkthrough time can then be spent looking at floor surfaces, counting various items (i.e. drinking fountains, appliances, restroom fixtures, etc) and making notes of items that would be out of the ordinary.

Does your company have a clear and concise cleaning specification document? If not, a professional cleaning contractor should consult with the client and make one for them. That document should then be given to the client as their property. It should also be included in their proposal. This document is valuable because clear communication between the client and contractor is vital to the success of the program and clear specifications will help assure that both parties are on the same page.

A professional cleaning company should be able to show you in detail how much cleaning time is allowed in their proposal. In my experience, the biggest complaint from potential clients is that their cleaning is incomplete and very inconsistent. I have found that this usually is caused by the current contractor underbidding the job and not having enough time to properly complete the cleaning each day. If you know how much time is allowed for the cleaning of your building, you will then at least have an opportunity to decide whether you think that the time proposed is reasonable and you will be able to reject these low bids and avoid the problem. One of the best ways to detail the cleaning times is to do it by type of area. When the cleaning times are broken down into smaller pieces it is easier to determine if the times are reasonable.

Finally, does the cleaning contractor have a detailed proposal that provides information on their business? You should be able to see how they perform quality control, train their people, how they treat their employees, hazard and communication planning, green cleaning products and procedures, provide references, and include a copy of their insurance certificate that shows the coverages. If this information is not available, then you should ask yourself if this company is truly prepared to clean your building properly.

Summit Service Group, Inc. is a professional cleaning contractor and will meet every one of the requirements discussed above. If you desire a consultation to help you design a cleaning program for your facility, please contact our Vice President of Sales, Paul Spannuth at 720-320-7787 or


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