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Janitorial Cleaning in Denver, CO

Janitorial Services Denver CO Services Provided: Janitorial Services

Location: Denver, CO

Building Type: Office Building

Size: 100 - 150 Employees

Tasks Performed:
We visit their offices 5 days a week and do the following jobs:

  • Clean entryways and lobbies
  • Mop the floors with Betco cleaning chemical and water
  • Vacuum all carpet
  • Empty all trash
  • Clean all Conference/Training Rooms including tables and chairs. Move furniture to a neat and orderly position.
  • Clean break rooms including microwaves, appliances, tables, and chairs
  • Clean the bathrooms using Betco cleaning chemicals

Dependable Office Cleaning Services in Denver

These types of commercial cleaning clients typically have a large number of employees that inhabit their spaces and as a result need a high strength cleaning, but also need it done quickly and fairly often. A single client like this can demand a larger cleaning staff and quick access to large amounts of industrial strength cleaning products. For projects like these, it's best to contact a company like Summit that is established and has the resources available to handle jobs of any size.

Denver, CO


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