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Partnering With Your Cleaning Services Contractor

Janitoral Contractor In my 14 plus years in the janitorial cleaning industry, it seems like most of the people I talk to view the cleaning as a commodity. Many feel like they just cannot get the consistent quality of cleaning from their janitorial contractor, that they feel they deserve and pay for. At Summit Service Group, we feel that cleaning is not a commodity and that you can get the type of service that you deserve and pay for.

We accomplish this by starting out our bid process with a collaborative approach that clearly defines the cleaning process. We have been told time and time again that no one else that they have ever talked with about the cleaning takes the time to understand their cleaning desires like we do. In fact, because no one else has ever asked them, most cannot even clearly define what they want. Our process helps them think through the cleaning so that they can define what level of service that they want. Because of this, it takes us a little more time in our initial meeting as we ask many questions to determine the cleaning program parameters. We then produce a document that shows in detail the cleaning specifications. We often then email that document to the client before finishing up the price to make sure that we have understood the cleaning program properly. We ask them to take the time to look that document over and make any changes that they feel are necessary. This can be a tedious take, but when it is done, the client now has a very clear and concise description of the cleaning program that they are asking for. We feel that it is impossible to provide consistent cleaning if the cleaning specifications are not clear and concise.

Once we start a new account, we then keep the quality high cleaning services over the long haul by making frequent inspections by multiple levels of management.


If you would like to find out more about our janitorial services program, please call me (Paul Spannuth) at 720-320-7787. I believe that you will love what you see! You can also fill out our online request form if you would like to find out more about our collaborative approach providing Janitorial Services for our clients!