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Longstanding Deep Commitment to Training of All Janitorial Staff

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning in Denver Summit Service Group has a longstanding deep commitment to training of all janitorial staff. Training instills loyalty and commitment from good workers. With proper training, employees learn expectations and have a greater opportunity for success on the job. All Summit janitors receive a thorough on-boarding in Human Resources including a safety orientation and review of all company policies and procedures. Once at the job site, in addition to work specification training, all staff are required to complete a site specific orientation that includes an in depth review of all safety and security procedures at the building. Additionally, each month, managers and supervisors train all staff on two topics, one always being safety related. Staying safe on the job is high priority! Other topics include: Customer Service, Technical Skills, Security and Personal Development. This month our employees will receive a training called "Preventing Wintertime Injuries." This training reviews what equipment to wear outside on ice and snow, how to walk properly on ice and snow, as well as proper lifting techniques for shoveling snow.


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