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Experts At A Few Simple Things

It was our second year of playing flag football, and I was the head coach of the Screaming Eagles 3rd grade flag football team. Somehow, we’d managed to find ourselves in the championship game, and I had the bright idea (the night before) of designing a few razzle-dazzle plays, one of which was my patented Screaming Eagle special double reverse. It looked good on paper, but when Eric and Ben ended up exchanging the ball, they forgot to get out of each other's way. It could have been worse, but fortunately both Eric and Ben walked off the field with just a few bruised egos.

The more I coached, the more I realized we needed to focus on a few key components. Our subsequent years as the Screaming Eagles (football, basketball, and soccer) consisted of focusing on a few key fundamentals and becoming experts at those. For example, we found that simple fake handoffs in football, if executed properly, paid off big time. We ended up winning more games than we lost and more importantly, built a team of kids and parents that enjoyed spending time together. We also shook the other team’s coaches hands before every game and bumped the refs after every game without fail. Simple tasks that separated us from the other teams.

The same applies for us at Summit Service Group, where our beginnings 37 years ago came from cleaning large retail stores. We ended up handling all types of cleaning that involved tasks that were outside the normal scope of our business. Suffice it to say; we had our fair share of Screaming Eagle double reverses and a few bruised egos along the way.

At Summit, we pride ourselves on being experts in the cleaning industry. We understand the critical components of a successful cleaning program and the importance of executing those on a consistent basis. It boils down to having good people who know their jobs and managing those people by inspecting our client’s facilities on a regular basis. Simple tasks that often get overlooked in other companies and pay big dividends if executed correctly.

If you’re looking for experts in the cleaning industry, give us a call. We’ll focus on what is important to ensure you have a clean and professional looking facility.

Robert Kreutzer Robert Kreutzer is the Controller for Summit Service Group. He coached 10 years in youth recreational and competitive sports. His other hobbies include traveling, hiking, and camping.

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