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Efficiency is Key to Quality Service!

Janitorial Contractor Denver At Summit Service Group we use Google Apps for Work, a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration tools. With the implementation of Google Apps for Work we have streamlined our processes. We have immediate access to customer contract documentation, we can meet quickly with local and non local teammates utilizing Hangouts (a video conference tool), and our online forms allow us to communicate changes at any time, anywhere.

CleanTelligent, a quality and compliance software, is used by our operations team to ensure our staff is fulfilling our customer contracts. Both managers and supervisors complete inspections by rating all service items included in each customer’s specific contract requirements.

When an item needs improvement, a work order is automatically sent to the member of the team responsible for fixing the issue.

These tools have significantly improved our efficiency and therefore allow us to spend more quality time with our customers. They helped us to achieve our goal to improve internal and external communication, with the added bonus of saving paper and gas, and therefore minimizing our impact on the environment.


If you are looking for Denver Commercial Janitor or Industrial Cleaning services then please call Summit Service Group at 720-320-7787 or fill out our online request form.