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Do you want a Partner or a Contractor for your Janitorial Cleaning?

Commercial Janitorial Services Denver

Many people think that Janitorial Cleaning is a commodity and that no one does a consistently good job over a long period of time. They think that all Cleaning Companies are alike. At Summit Service Group, we differentiate ourselves from the pack. That starts at the very beginning, during the bidding process. We feel like we cannot give an accurate cleaning bid unless we understand the job thoroughly. We are told consistently that we ask far more questions prior to the bid than anyone else. We then provide far more information in our proposal than anyone. When we start up a new job, we spend far more time before we start introducing our Operations Department to the Customer and the facility so that on the first night of cleaning, our people are not scrambling around trying to figure it out. They already know the job well. Then we provide a minimum of four inspections per month done by various management personnel so that we catch any issues before the customer does.


If you are struggling in your cleaning program, contact us at 720-320-7787 or fill out our online request form for a no cost, no obligation analysis and proposal and find out why we are different!