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Commercial Cleaning Tips For Your Office

Office Cleaning Office cleaning isn't as complex or difficult as some other commercial cleaning jobs, but attention to detail is still important. When there are dust balls lying along the baseboards, dirty floors behind the toilets in the bathrooms, or grime on the walls and doors, an office can look filthy even if everything else is clean.

When you hire a commercial cleaning company to service your office building, you expect nothing less than consistent quality service. You also expect them to be responsive to any complaints you have and be willing to fix the issue right away.

Whether you own the office building or manage it, you'll want to make sure your office cleaning company is giving you what you pay for. One of the best office cleaning tips we could give you is to always inspect the quality of work they are providing you with.

Already Have A Commercial Cleaning Service? Be Willing To Monitor Their Performance

You may get great service the first few times you hire a commercial cleaning service, but their performances could take a nose-dive. You can't just assume that they'll keep doing a great job of cleaning your office building. They may have hired new people, or the company may have gone through some kind of changes.

Keep an eye on the type of job they're doing at least every month. That way, you'll catch problems early and be able to avoid long-term problems. One key area to monitor is your office bathrooms.

Office Bathroom Cleaning & Sanitation

Make sure your commercial cleaning service isn't using the same cleaning rags or cleaning tools on the toilet as they are on the sink, or the same cleaning cloths on the sink and then other surfaces. Otherwise, bacteria and germs will move from the toilet to the restroom counter tops and sink areas or to other surfaces.

Your cleaning company should be well-trained on how to properly clean your office bathrooms without cross contamination. Generally speaking, they should use different cleaning cloths for each area of the bathroom or use disposable cleaning cloths. Also, make sure they are using a proper disinfectant solution and not just detergent.

Make sure your cleaning company also disinfects the door knobs and any other areas that are commonly touched. This includes bathroom doors, toilet handles, faucets, hand dryer button or paper towel holder knobs, and light switches. It's not uncommon for these surfaces to be ignored during the bathroom cleaning process. If you aren't getting quality service, it's probably time to look for another commercial office cleaning service.

Hiring A Good Commercial Office Cleaning Service

Small janitorial cleaning companies can get in over their head if they aren't equipped to handle a cleaning contract for a big office complex. It's worth being choosy about the commercial office cleaning company you hire.

They should have enough employees and the right equipment and tools to handle your janitorial work without a problem. Their cleaning staff should be highly trained for the labor-intensive tasks that are specific to your business. The crew should be properly managed so that you get consistent quality service every time they clean your building.

Figuring Out How Often Your Office Needs Cleaning

It can be hard to figure out a good cleaning schedule for your office. Some tasks, like cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom, need to be done weekly. Other tasks only need to be done once a month.

Also, what works for your office building may not work for other companies. The number of employees, the environmental conditions outdoors, and other factors will determine how dirty your building gets. There's really no set answer to go by.

You should monitor how quickly your offices, break room, and bathrooms get dirty and then figure out a program that works best to keep the space clean.

At the very least, make sure your bathrooms and other common areas are properly cleaned and sanitized on a weekly basis to avoid employee illnesses. This can help to avoid too many employee sick days so the production of your business stays where it should be.


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