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The Full-Service Golden, CO Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Experts

Golden Cleaning and Janitorial Services

As Golden, Colorado cleaning and janitorial professionals, we understand that many commercial businesses will want to try to have their employees handle the cleaning instead of calling in a janitorial service. Many times, however, this can lead to an unhealthy environment, employees calling in sick due to bacteria contamination, and a lot of time taken away from their tasks that operate and build your business. Hiring a cleaning expert can actually help you save on your bottom line while ensuring you have a healthy, attractive environment-but only if your janitorial service does good work.

Summit Service Group, Inc. has been in the commercial cleaning & janitorial business since 1981 and we see to it that all our technicians are highly trained on sanitation and cleaning. Through the years, we have developed great relationships with commercial businesses in the Golden, CO area and would love to offer you our expert services as well.

We can make sure your Golden business is just that-golden, sparkling, and clean! We'll help you have an impressive business environment that you are proud of. Summit Service Group, Inc. offers all types of services to clean up and improve the look of your Golden commercial property.

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Trash Removal
  • Bathroom & Breakroom Sanitization
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Wall Washing
  • Wood Floor Refinishing
  • Marble Restoration
  • Floor Cleaning & Polishing
  • Furniture Vacuuming & Spotting
  • Window Cleaning
  • Blinds Cleaning
  • and so much more

Furniture Vacuuming & Spotting For Golden, CO

Every day, you go in and out of your Golden, CO commercial business and as time goes on, you get used to what it looks like. Seeing details like soiled or stained furniture can go unnoticed after time. That's just how it is with anyone. The problem is that once you get used to the environment, you don't realize how it can become dirtier and dirtier every day to where sooner or later it is noticeable to others but not you.

Golden Carpet Vacuuming, Spot Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning & Polishing

If your Golden, CO business has carpeting, keeping the carpet clean and spot free can be quite a challenge. Carpeting needs constant maintenance in order to look great. Our technicians are highly trained at keeping your carpets clean with vacuuming, spotting, and carpet shampooing. We are also experts at floor cleaning and polishing.

Your commercial carpeting and flooring make up a large area of the interior of your Golden business. When it begins to have set in stains or dirt and grime buildup, it brings down the aesthetics and value of your property. Let us maintain all your flooring to give your business the boost in aesthetics it needs.

Our Golden Cleaning Services:

  • Ground Maintenance
  • Commercial Vacuuming
  • Janitorial Services
  • Commercial Cleaning

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