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Your Favorite Colorado Springs Janitorial And Cleaning Service

Colorado Springs Cleaning and Janitorial Services

If you own a commercial business in the Colorado Springs area, call on the favorite Janitorial and Cleaning service that many already trust - Summit Service Group, Inc. We'll make sure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to how clean and sanitized your business is. We have you covered for inside and outside services such as grounds cleaning and maintaining, window washing, sanitization, trash removal, floor cleaning & polishing, and more.

We work on warehouses, industrial machines, trusses, floors, hard surfaces, carpets, blinds, construction clean up, marble, walls, and concrete floors. We have a full line of helpful services for your Colorado Springs janitorial and cleaning needs.

Colorado Springs Carpet Vacuuming & Spotting

When a Colorado Springs business neglects their carpeting or has a janitorial service that doesn't do a good job, the carpet will be very unattractive, bringing down the aesthetics of the property.

As a business, it's important for your interior to make a great impression because customers, clients, business investors, and more will form an opinion of your business based on how well you keep up the property.

Carpet that is maintained with regular vacuuming is also healthier for occupants of the commercial building. With stains in your carpeting, it leaves them wondering about your value. Summit Service Group, Inc. offers expert carpet vacuuming and spotting to keep your carpeting fresh. We also offer carpet shampooing and water extraction.

Professional Commercial Window Washing For Colorado Springs

If you own office space or you own any other commercial business that has windows, it's important to keep them clean. Dirty windows will only get worse over time and distort the view. Grime building up on window glass also works to scratch and scuff the surface. Let us offer you effective window washing service to keep your windows sparkling clean. Colorado Springs is a beautiful area of the country, so if you have a view to the outdoors, you can enjoy it all year with our window washing service.

Colorado Springs Exterior Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance

Summit Service Group, Inc. can fully take care of your commercial exterior grounds cleaning and maintenance. Our services are geared to improve and maintain the aesthetics of the exterior of your property. We cna do it all from lawn mowing, trimming, concrete cleaning, siding cleaning, trash removal, leaf blowing and debris removal, window washing, handyman tasks, and more. Let us help you make the best first impression possible which will only increase your bottom line.

Summit Service Group, Inc. has been helping Colorado Springs commercial property and business owners with full service janitorial and cleaning for interiors and exteriors since 1981. We are the name that locals rely on for quality. Call us today for your free estimate.

Our Colorado Springs Cleaning Services:

  • Ground Maintenance
  • Commercial Vacuuming
  • Janitorial Services
  • Commercial Cleaning

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If you are looking for Janitorial And Cleaning Service in Colorado Springs, please call Summit Service Group at 720-320-7787 or complete our online request form.