Why Choose Us As Your Denver Cleaning Service Company

Quality Control

Summit believes that in order to stay competitive, we must continually anticipate change.  We are determined to remain on the cutting edge of our industry.  We believe there is always a better, less expensive, more productive, more consistent way of providing our service.  We also believe that consistent quality involves anticipating and preventing mistakes rather than just inspecting them after they happen.

We recognize that our training program plays an important part in error prevention, important enough to fund a Training and Employee Relations Manager to teach and organize our comprehensive training programs. 

Summit is committed to a Total Quality culture.  At Summit, Total Quality is a journey - it's never ending.  Our Total Quality commitment is made up of six parts:

-Delighted customers
-Employee empowerment
-Break-through thinking
-Process measurement
-Process improvement
-Continuous measurement and improvement.

We realize that effective quality control begins with training, is solidified through good management practices, and flourishes through inspection and corrective measures. 

It is our philosophy to measure quality often to help assure a consistently high standard of service.  Therefore we propose three methods of measurement:

  • Nightly inspections by our lead cleaning personnel. 
  • Frequent inspections by the full-time Area Supervisor.  These occur during the cleaning process and after the cleaning process.  Daily client communication either verbally or through the communications log.  Formal written inspections are performed once per month with results tracked by Summit Service Group.
  • Formal walk-through inspections conducted once per week by our Area Manager.  When possible this walk-through should also include conversations with key building contacts to assure good communication.  Formal written inspections are performed once per month with results tracked by Summit Service Group.

We utilize things to do lists, facility rating reports, proactive reports, corrective action reports, and a communication logbook to document quality control activity. 

Ownership Thinking

The thrust of “Ownership Thinking” is to create an environment that motivates the employee to think and act like an owner.  In other words, to align everyone in an organization with the business objectives of the organization and to create opportunity for all employees with the intentional purpose of delighting our customers and employees. 

There are four components to the process of Ownership Thinking:

  1. We teach everyone in the organization the basics of business and finance, how their company makes money, and how they contribute as individuals and teams to its financial performance.
  1. We identify the organization’s key financial and operational measures necessary to continuously improve its financial and operational performance and grow market share. 
  1. We share the financial numbers with employees and Key Performance Indicators with key employees, and teach them to forecast results in an environment of high visibility and participation.
  1. We have a self-funding incentive and profit sharing plan that will allow supervisory and management employees to participate in the improved financial performance of the organization.

This is not a “program du jour,” but rather a high involvement way of doing business that has proven to significantly improve financial performance and opportunity in our organization, while creating an environment of understanding and participation.

We have built partnerships with vendors such as Ownership Thinking, Betco Chemicals, Nilfisk-Advance, and Walter Industrial Supply that allow us to consistently keep a pulse on the latest technological innovations within our industry.

Summit Experience

On the Cutting Edge of Innovation

Our cleaning technique is by far the best that you will find! We have built partnerships with vendors such as Nilfisk-Advance, Franklin Chemicals, and Walter Industrial that allow us to consistently keep a pulse on the latest technological innovations within our industry. Our industry awareness and constantly upgraded technique assure you, the client, of the top-notch service you deserve at the best possible value.

Results, Not Excuses

Our managers don't sit in the office shuffling paper while they wait for customer complaints! They are constantly at customer's sites, striving to please you, the client! We realize the importance of Quality Control through a "hands on" approach of coaching the employee, proactively searching for future trouble spots, and listening and responding to everything the customer and our employees have to say.


Thorough training, inspecting, and retraining on site is one of the keys to a high quality and consistent service. We've found that Summit's training method, directed by our Area Managers builds loyalty, lowers turnover, and provides you with the service you deserve.

Peace of Mind

We've structured our entire company to be responsive to your needs. Our staff can be reached at a moment's notice through the latest technological advances. Our computer system notifies us immediately if an employee does not show up on schedule so that we can mobilize to fill the position from our network of trained and dependable floaters. We can be reached 24 hours per day…but don't worry! You won't need to call us in a panic! We know our industry, and we anticipate your cleaning needs so you don't have to spend an excessive amount of time "thinking about the service".

If you are looking for more information about our Denver Commercial Janitorial and Industrial Cleaning company then please call Summit Service Group at 720-320-7787 or fill out our online request form.