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Think Like an Owner

At our company, it used to be that many of our employees thought that most of us drive Porsche's and Lamborghini's, shop at Oscar de la Renta, and are rarely in the office due to playing golf or one of our many vacations in Europe. Some of them were thinking that you wouldn't expect anything less when you work for a large cleaning company that probably makes millions every year in net profits?... Read More

Longstanding Deep Commitment to Training of All Janitorial Staff

Summit Service Group has a longstanding deep commitment to training of all janitorial staff. Training instills loyalty and commitment from good workers. With proper training, employees learn expectations and have a greater opportunity for success on the job... Read More

Do you want a Partner or a Contractor for your Janitorial Cleaning?

Many people think that Janitorial Cleaning is a commodity and that no one does a consistently good job over a long period of time. They think that all Cleaning Companies are alike. At Summit Service Group, we differentiate ourselves from the pack. That starts at the very beginning, during the bidding process... Read More

Bidding Out The Janitorial Cleaning For Your Facility

Is it time for you to look at bidding out the janitorial cleaning for your facility? Summit Service Group has a special offer for those companies that need a minimum of 5 day per week cleaning. If you sign up for our service by July 31, 2017, you will receive up to $300 of carpet cleaning at no charge!... Read More

Summit Service Group Announces the Promotion of Vice President of Operations

To better support our continuing growth, Summit Service Group is announcing the promotion of Will Torres from Southern Territory Area Manager to Vice President of Operations. This adds a layer to our organization that will provide additional support for all of our Area Managers, Supervisors, employees, and clients... Read More

Spring Cleaning

Now that we are into the spring, it is time to look at your facility to see if the winter weather has deteriorated your property. Are your carpets dirty? Are your vinyl tile floors needing to be refinished? Are your ceramic tile floors in need of a deep scrubbing?... Read More

A Culture of Safety

At Summit Service Group, we have established a "Culture of Safety". To do this requires a total buy-in at all levels. In the past, our safety committee had targets of reducing accidents. The biggest step in establishing the Culture of Safety started when we decided not to try and reduce accidents but ELIMINATE them... Read More

Partnering With Your Cleaning Services Contractor

In my 14 plus years in the janitorial cleaning industry, it seems like most of the people I talk to view the cleaning as a commodity. Many feel like they just cannot get the consistent quality of cleaning from their janitorial contractor, that they feel they deserve and pay for... Read More

The Impact of Colorado's Minimum Wage Increase and Janitorial Cleaning Contracts

Colorado voters passed a new law that will raise minimum wage to $12.00 per hour by 2020. Starting January 1, 2017, the new minimum wage will be $9.30 per hour. This is an increase of about 12% over 2016. It will then be going up... Read More

Having Trouble Hiring People?

There was a report just released in the Denver Post today that Colorado has the 10th lowest unemployment rate in the nation. This does not come as a surprise to anyone I know as everyone is having trouble finding good workers. If you are having that problem, then let Summit Service Group take on that responsibility for the janitorial cleaning. Read More

Is It Important to Partner with Your Janitorial Cleaning Contractor?

Many people view janitorial cleaning service as a commodity. It is easy to understand this because the vast majority of janitorial cleaning contractors do not truly partner with their clients. At Summit Service Group, partnering with our clients is the only way that we do business. Read More

Why Are My Cleaning Bids So Far Apart in Price?

If you have ever taken bids for janitorial cleaning and have seen a wide range of pricing, there are some common sense reasons why this happens. The Building Services Contractors Association International (BSCAI) is our national trade organization and they have statistics from many contractors around our country and around the world. No matter who is giving you a bid, approximately 70% of every dollar quoted is going to pay the wages and payroll taxes of the cleaning personnel..... Read More

Efficiency is Key to Quality Service!

At Summit Service Group we use Google Apps for Work, a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration tools. With the implementation of Google Apps for Work we have streamlined our processes. We have immediate access to customer contract documentation, we can meet quickly with local and non local teammates utilizing Hangouts (a video conference tool), and our online forms allow us to communicate changes at any time, anywhere.... Read More

How Responsive is Your Janitorial Cleaning Contractor?

So many people view janitorial cleaning as a commodity, and in many ways it is. But I have talked with enough people over the years to find out that experiences with janitorial cleaning contractors goes from extremely bad to extremely good..... Read More

If you are looking for a professional Denver area Commercial Janitoral or Industrial Cleaning company then please call Summit Service Group at 720-320-7787 or fill out our online request form.